AT03008 Hedgehog type sitting cushion

AT03008 Hedgehog type sitting cushion (with cover) Hedgehog type cushion with removable  opening is recommended for all types  of wheelchairs, as well as after childbirth,  in conditions of the large intestine and  for sedentary work. The suitably profiled  surface of the cushion ensures optimal  distribution of bodyweight on the  buttocks and thighs, enabling airflow and  preventing occurrence of local pressure  ulcers. Depending on the needs, the  cushion can be used with an opening, in which case the central cutout circular  section with a diameter of 15 cm should  be removed. The cushion is equipped  with a terry cotton slip with a zipper. The  cushion is made of PU foam. Dimensions: 45 x 40 x 10 cm.