“Hedgehog” corrective and massaging mat

“Hedgehog” corrective and massaging mat for therapeutic foot massage during daily activities. Use • Massage of reflex points in the feet, • Activates body vital forces and improves blood circulation in all organs, • Positively regulates metabolic disorders, headaches, cross,blood circulation (hypertension), cold feet, degenerative diseases, • Stimulates the short foot muscles, effectively counteracting formation of flat feet and corrects lower limb valgity. Target group • Children, adolescents and adults, • Individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle, • Individuals with circulatory problems, • Individuals suffering from flat feet, • Individuals doing corrective exercises, yoga. Historical sales results • Up to 300,000 items a year. Legal protection of the product. The product has obtained patent protection at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. The “Hedgehog” corrective and massaging mat has a wide range of corrective and preventive uses, thus it is an attractive offer for a wide range of customers. • Therapy can be started in socks and after some time continued with bare feet. • Feet can be massaged with “Hedgehog” during: - morning toilet (washing, shaving), - in water, e.g. in a bathtub, in a shower, while walking in ankle-deep water or in the form of so-called Fakir back and spine massage. It involves doing a so-called “cradle” exercise - rolling on the mat on the back in the huddled position. • This effective massage method is recommended especially in case of spinal overload, degenerations and root pain. • Single exercise series should last for 5-7 minutes Length: 1 m Width: 31 cm Height: 2.5 cm Available in multiple colours.