Upper back straightener (“Spider”)

A “spider” upper back straightener is an uncomplicated and easy to use orthopaedic product, designed for those who want to maintain or achieve a correct body position. The first-generation upper back straightener – for children The second-generation upper back straightener M and L – for adults Use • The first-generation upper back straightener: counteracts slouching • The second-generation upper back straightener: • Corrects bad posture, • Prevents slouching, • Maintaining correct posture, • Protruding abdomen correction, • Arm asymmetry correction. Target group • Children and adults with posture problems, • Individuals spending a lot of time in a sitting position (studen ts, office workers), • Those who care for maintaining correct posture, • Dance school attendees. Historical sales results • Up to 300,000 items a year. Legal protection of the product The product is protected by Polish and international industrial designs 000459714-0001) and in the course of obtaining international patent protection PCT (PCT/PL04/00104 and PCT/PL 01/00095) The second-generation upper back straightener M – waist circumference: 60-85 cm The second-generation upper back straightener L – waist circumference: 85-110 cm