AT04004 Orthosis with securing velcro

The Desault-type arm and shoulder orthosis is made of light, breathing foam covered with skinfriendly fabric. This material transfers heat and moisture outside, increasing comfort of use of the product and enabling easy maintenance of hygiene. Application: • The orthosis is recommended in treatment of shoulder and elbow joint injuries, including fractures in the shoulder girdle, dislocations and sprains of the shoulder and elbow joints. It can also be applied in the healing process of inflammatory conditions and degenerative changes of the acromioclavicular and elbow joints. The orthosis enables minimization of the period of application of plaster immobilization, warranting perfect stabilization and immobilization of the shoulder joint and upper extremity. • The product has a broad adjustment range. The orthosis can be quickly and easily adjusted to the patient’s body shape. Velcro fastening warrants effective immobilization and relief of the upper extremity. • The orthosis should be applied according to instructions of a doctor or physiotherapist. The orthosis is ambilateral, can be used on the right or left shoulder. The product should not be used in case of open wounds, abrasions of the epidermis as well as following prior application of a warming gel or ointment. • The orthosis may be washed only in warm water (in temperature of up to 40°C) with mild detergent (e.g. gray soap). Do not iron, do not dry-clean, do not use bleaches, do not spin-dry. Air dry in spread out form, gently wring before drying. • In order to choose the right size, measure chest circumference. Sizes: XS (45-60 cm), S (60-75 cm), M (75-90 cm), L (90-110 cm), XL (110-120cm), XXL (120-135 cm)