AT04503 Lumbo-Sacral Belt

AT04503 Lumbo-Sacral Belt The lumbo-sacral belt helps to strengthen the lumbar spine. The belt features 4 supports of 20 cm each and side tightening belts which ensure good strengthening of the lumbar spine. The product also features a system of tapes and cuts which makes it easier to apply it for people with hand paresis. The orthosis is recommended for various spine disorders, such as lumbar disc herniation; degenerative changes in the spine and radiculopathy (sciatica). Belt height: 23 cm. Waist circumference: XS (70 - 80 cm), S (80 - 95 cm), M (90 - 100 cm), L (95 - 105 cm), XL (105 - 115 cm), XXL (115 - 125 cm), XXXL (125 - 135 cm)