AT04502 Spinal orthosis LSO ULTRA BREATH

  AT04502 Spinal orthosis LSO ULTRA BREATH LSO ULTRA BREATH orthosis helps to strengthen the spine in the sacral and lumbar section. It is made of a unique combination of two types of mesh, the outer one – strong, moving the loads and the inner one – soft and comfortable in contact with the body. As a result, the orthosis is very light, ensures perfect transportation of excess heat and sweat outside, as well as "breathing” of the body under the orthosis. It features 6 supports (4 of 28 cm and 2 of 24 cm) and side tightening belts, which ensure perfect strengthening of the lumbo-sacral spine. The product also features a system of tapes and cuts which makes it easier to apply it for people with hand paresis. The orthosis is recommended for various spine disorders, such as multilevel spinal disc herniation, osteoporosis, degenerative changes, spine instability, lumbar spondylolisthesis, compression spine fracture related to osteoporosis, sciatica, lumbo-sacral spine pain and after surgery. Orthosis height: 30 cm.   Waist circumference: S (80 - 90 cm), M (90 - 100 cm), L (100 - 110 cm), XL (110 - 120 cm), XXL (120 - 130 cm), XXXL (130 - 140 cm), XXXXL (140 – 150 cm)