AT04505 Spinal orthosis TLSO detachable

Spinal orthosis TLSO ULTRA BREATH is used to stabilize and strengthen the sacral, lumbar and thoracic spine. Made of flexible orthopaedic tapes, the orthosis is extremely breathable, excellently carries away excess heat, and allows the skin to “breath”. The product consists of two parts: high lumbo-sacral lacing and a velcro-fastened back part, which allows adjustment of an appropriate size to patient’s height. The product is additionally equipped with a tape system that allows adjustment of clamping force to individual patient’s needs. The orthosis is recommended for a variety of spinal diseases, for example in the spine osteoporosis, increased muscle tension resulting from lumbar discopathy, lumbo-sacral pain syndromes, spine instability. Waist circumference: S (80 - 95cm), M (90-100 cm), L (95-105cm), XL (105-115 cm), XXL (115 -125 cm), XXXL (125-135cm)